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Keys to B2B Website Success in 2024 & Beyond

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

12:00 pm Central US

Join us for an in-depth workshop and unlock the secrets to crafting a B2B website that's more than just a digital brochure. Learn how to design and develop a powerful online presence that not only shines your brand light but fuels lead generation and conversion—in 2024 and beyond!

What you'll gain:

  • Solid Foundations: Discover the core principles of B2B website success in today's competitive landscape.
  • Conversion Compass: Navigate the customer journey with the help of industry-proven tools and extensions.
  • Page-by-Page Optimization: Master the art of crafting landing pages, contact forms, and other key elements that drive conversions.
  • B2B Storytelling Magic: Learn a powerful method for visual storytelling that resonates with your target audience.
  • Content Plan Powerhouse: Get your hands on 3 practical planners and templates to build a content strategy that attracts and engages leads.

Leave this workshop equipped with:

  • Actionable insights: Implement valuable strategies and tactics to transform your website.
  • Real-world tools and resources: Take advantage of our curated list of impactful extensions and templates.
  • Confidence and clarity: Design and develop a B2B website that drives genuine business results.

Don't wait! Secure your spot today and build a B2B website that's ready for anything 2024 and beyond can throw at it!

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