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Strategic Sales Management

Do you love sales or hate it? Ever since someone demonized the used car fellow and marketing became the darling of the business schools, sales has been a sadly maligned business practice.

But without sales, you can't grow your business (or get it off the ground).

StrategyWerx frequently encounters businesses that either misunderstand, underestimate, or try desperately to avoid the necessity of sales. But superior marketing, post-sales service, and products can't offset the importance of initiating a conversation with a customer, listening to them, and asking for their money.

Many business alignment problems can be traced to poorly organized sales departments with conflicting priorities. Compensation strategy is frequently a culprit in sales-driven misalignment, because employees are extremely responsive to what gets measured, and too often measurement systems motivate inefficient or ill advised behavior.

We can help you organize your sales department for greater success, ensure your sales strategy is completely aligned with overall strategy, implement or refine an account based marketing (ABM) program, and set up the KPIs and management tools to give you visibility to your sales pipeline and potential at all times.

Whether the core problem indicates sales department reorganization, training, new compensation and measurement systems, or an entirely new approach, StrategyWerx has the experience required to help you analyze, plan, and implement better sales management systems.

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