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Jewelry Industry Expertise

Every consulting firm has its specialties, and at StrategyWerx, our wheelhouse is the Jewelry Industry. That makes us pretty special (if we do say so ourselves!), because most consultants serving the jewelry industry have a focus on marketing, or training, or retail processes. StrategyWerx serves clients including mining interests, site holders, diamantaires, diamond wholesalers and distributors, large jewelry manufacturers, jewelry manufacturing contractors, brand-name jewelry lines, designers, independent retailers and retail chains. We also provide support to jewelry industry trade organizations and charities.

Prior to starting StrategyWerx, our owner, Andrea Hill, was the CEO of Rio Grande Jeweler's Supply, and she is not only a trusted expert on the entire jewelry process from the mine to the store, she is also a trusted business expert from developing strategy to marketing and sales to training and empowering teams. When she started Hill Management Group, LLC (parent company to StrategyWerx) in 2007, every sector of the jewelry industry showed up for more of the highly effective advice and direction she was already well-known for. Since then, we have focused on being a full-service consulting firm with deep understanding of and appreciation for this very unique industry.

Not only does Hill Management Group provide unequaled business advice, but by 2008 Andrea was deeply concerned about how jewelry industry companies were persistently underserved (and sometimes taken advantage of) by marketing and advertising agencies that charged too much money for too little value. So she started WerxMarketing, a digital-first marketing company specifically geared to the marketing needs of the jewelry industry.

In the same year, we launched our third brand, MentorWerx, which provides high-quality business education through webinars, online classes, a community, and one-on-one consulting.

When you hire a Werx Brand company, you not only receive the best business and marketing advice and support available, you also partner with a company that understands the jewelry industry at a depth very few individuals ever do. Try us and you'll see. We are the business that serves the jewelry business.

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