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Strategic Planning

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One of the greatest disservice that has been done to business strategy is to imagine it as a chess game. It's not. The best game is a rare thing. Instead, strategy should e viewed as a puzzle which, when put together thoughtfully, will yield value for everyone involved, from owners to employees to customers. Most business problems are related to poorly defined or poorly understood strategy, which results in weak business plans, which results in weak marketing plans, and so on. One of the first things your StrategyWerx consultant will do is review the existing strategy and look for evidence of corporate alignment and support.

If corporate strategy is poorly defined or not widely known, chances are the operations of the company are not only not in support of the strategy, but are actively suboptimizing one another.

Using years of strategic development competency, StrategyWerx has developed a copyrighted process for articulating business strategy. This process involves a rigorous assessmenet of the organization's core competencies, competitive outlook, market conditions, and business proposition. The result is a clear understanding of the business strategy that provides practical direction to every person in the company.

In some cases the core problem of the business is missing strategy. In those cases, StrategyWerx will guide you through the strategic planning process, facilitating your team to a clear understanding of your strategic opportunities, differentiation, and competitive advantage. Once the process is complete and the plan is documented, StrategyWerx assists in developing the plans for attaching operations, marketing, sales, and product development to the strategic plan. This is where the true value of strategic planning is realized.

The same strategic expertise that enables StrategyWerx to help organizations quickly and effectively define their strategy is used when strategy is already defined but the organization is not achieving it or consistently pursuing it. In those cases, StrategyWerx compares each operational area's activities, measurements, and results to the strategy, and identifies gaps and contradictions, then helps the organization realign around strategic goals and objectives.

With special expertise in strategic measurement systems, StrategyWerx implements strategic measurement systems that are readily understood by all employees and which keep organizations aligned and on track.

One of the greatest advantages of working with StrategyWerx is tapping into a highly refined understanding of strategic development and years of practice putting all levels of the company to work in service of the strategy.