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Beyond Features: Build Winning Products with Customer-Centric Focus

Wednesday, October 23, 2024

12:00 pm Central US

Build B2B Products Customers Love & Drive Growth

Are your products gathering dust instead of delighting customers? Join us for Beyond Features: Building Winning Products with Customer-Centric Focus, a workshop that empowers you to ditch the feature chase and build B2B products that solve real problems, ignite loyalty, and fuel explosive growth.

You'll leave with:

    • Persona Powerhouse: Master the art of crafting customer personas and journeys that breathe life into your target audience and guide every product decision.
    • Create vs. Serve Savvy: Gain the wisdom to discern when to build a product or offer a service, ensuring you deliver the right solution at the right time.
    • Voice-Baked Development: Unlock a methodology that embeds the customer voice directly into your product development process, guaranteeing customer-centric results.
    • Advisory Architects: Learn how to set up and leverage customer advisory boards and community groups, gaining invaluable insights and feedback that fuel innovation.
    • Tech Toolbox: Discover the cutting-edge technologies that empower customer-centric product and service development, turning theory into reality.

Bonus: Attendees receive a free "Customer-Centric Toolkit" with templates, planners, and checklists to kickstart your transformation and keep you on track!

Don't settle for mediocre products! Secure your spot today and:

    • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty: Build products that truly resonate with your target audience, creating raving fans and repeat customers.
    • Reduce development costs and increase ROI: Focus your resources on features that matter most, minimizing wasted time and maximizing return on investment.
    • Outsmart the competition: Differentiate yourself by prioritizing customer needs, gaining a competitive edge in the crowded B2B market.
    • Future-proof your business: Build a culture of customer-centricity that adapts to changing needs and ensures sustainable success.

Invest in your customers, invest in your future. Join us and build B2B products that win hearts and drive profitable growth.


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