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Organizational Design

Most organizations assemble themselves organically, over time, as jobs and roles are added and people take on tasks. It's a beautiful thing, this growth, but it can also be debilitating. This is because organizations that evolve organically typically lack the structure that defines task allocation, coordination, and supervision. When those things are missing, so are the elements that guide focus, ensure motivation, and measure results.

StrategyWerx can help you fix your organizational misalignments. By analyzing what you have, identifying the missing pieces, and realigning the pieces that have drifted too far from their optimal placement, we can not only restore organization to your company, we can speed up processes, increase quality, improve employee and customer satisfaction, and drop more profit to the bottom line.

If you're planning to expand your operations, it is even more critical to get your organizational structure analyzed and refined. Think of it as laying track before the train: if your organizational infrastructure isn't ready, growth will run you right off the rails.

Your organizational design and improvement project will provide the foundation upon which you can deliver profits now, and effectively manage growth for the future.

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