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Messaging must come from the deeper place of strategy

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Brand Strategy

The purpose of a brand is to make a constant, meaningful connection between a company and its customers. That means everyone in the organization must be trained to understand the brand and how they influence customer perception of the brand through their every-day work. To accomplish this, the brand should be designed as a direct expression of company strategy. If a brand was conceived of without direct, constant reference to the strategy throughout its development, it wasn't developed correctly, and it can't fulfill its purpose.

Most brand missteps are the result of failure to define the brand for the internal stakeholders. This failure results in a host of organizational problems, which are observed as wasted marketing dollars, off-the-mark advertising campaigns, customer attrition, and PR fiascos.

StrategyWerx' ability to develop strong branding organizations is only surpassed by our ability to reverse-engineer brand failure and isolate the core problems. StrategyWerx has the experience you need to analyze, repair, plan, and implement better brand strategy.

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