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The skill required to run a tight distribution operation eludes many businesses. Automate or don't? WMS or not? Supply chain strategy, equipment and insfrastructure investments,

integration, RF systems and standards, shipping contracts, value-add services, and human resources


(just to name a few) provide myriad nooks and crannies in which to stash core business problems.


Getting distribution right is essential for product companies - whether the distribution is done in-house or with a contractor. Problems in distribution show up in inventory management, supply chain operations, sales, service, accounting, and IT. Systems integration is frequently suggested as the solution, but not all distribution environments benefit from automation. The business case books are filled with examples of businesses who would have been better off with simpler, less automated solutions.


To make things more challenging, when warehouse management does require IT - for RF systems, automation and integration, supply chain management, or shipping contracts - business owners find themselves struggling to communicate with the technical professionals they rely on to implement the solutions.


Enter StrategyWerx, with a clear understanding of both the physical side and the IT side of distribution. Core problems in distribution have direct impact on customer satisfaction and the bottom line. StrategyWerx has the experience small business owners require to solve distribution problems and implement rational solutions.